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ATA GDO6 V4 roller door motor

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 ATA GDO6V4 roller door motor 


Max door size:16.5m²

Max door weight:100Kg 

Max peak pulling force:600N

2 x ATA premium remote transmitters 1 x remote cord 

Smart phone control compatible 

Our new flagship rolling door opener, the GDO-6 EasyRoller® now features our Series 2 upgrades. Designed to deliver a slim profile, reliability, security and convenience, it is compatible with our Smart Phone Control Kit and Wireless Safety Beams.

The Series 2 EasyRoller® takes forward the impressive reputation earned by this series of openers over the past decade. This version incorporates bright LED courtesy lighting and compatibility with Wireless Safety Beams. The Service Indicator lets you know when it is time to service your door. This is in addition to TrioCode128 transmitters, Soft Start/Soft Stop operation, advanced door profiling and obstruction sensing for secure and safe operation.

(*) The warranty applies to goods purchased on or after 1 October 2016.

  • Input Voltage
230V- 240V AC 50Hz 
  • Standby Power
2.2 Watts 
  • Input Power 
230 Watts 
  • Controller Voltage 
24V DC 
  • Rated Force 
  • Max door opening 
5500mm Wide 3000mm High 100Kg 
  • Rated door time 
4 mins
  • Transmitter frequency
TrioCode™ type
  • Code generation
Non-linear encryption algorithm