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Johnsons garage doors and gates

ATA GDO6 V3 Roller door motor

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Max garage door size:16.5²

Max door weight:100Kg 

Max peak pulling force:550N 

Max door height:3m 

Min side room:45mm

ATA GDO6V3The ATA GDO6v4 will suit any residential roller door made in Australia or New Zealand up to 16.5m². All door in Australia and New Zealand have a standard drum wheel size that Australian openers can fit into. Some older Gliderol motors had a recessed drum wheel that the GDO6v3’s tines cannot reach, however, you can easily extend the tines to help suit these doors.

The GDO6v3 features bright festoon lighting with the ability to fit into tight jobs, with a sideroom requirement of 45mm. The included PTX5v2 remote control features a rolling code encryption called TrioCode128, which generates a new code each time the button is pressed from trillions upon trillions of possibilities.

By transmitting across three frequencies, the PTX5v2 all but eliminates interference problems, meaning your garage door will open with every press of the button. Due to the remotes high security, only your garage door remotes will ever open your gate or door preventing code grabbing devices from ‘replaying’ the code to open your garage door.

Optional accessories include a smartphone control kit, battery backup, PE Safety Beams or a wall-mounted transmitter.

  • Input Voltage
230V - 240V AC  50Hz
  • Motor Voltage
24V DC Permanent Magnet 
  • Standby Power 
2.2 Watts 
  • Controller Voltage 
24V DC  
  • Max Pulling Force 
  • Max door opening 
5500mm Wide 3000mm High 100Kg 
  • Coding type 
Code hopping 
  • Code generation
Non-linear encryption algorithm
  • Onboard Receiver Specification
TrioCode™ type