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Johnsons garage doors and gates

Stratco RDO12 roller door motor

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Stratco RDO 12 

Max door size-15m²

Max door weight-

Max peak pulling force-800N

2 x rolling code 433 MHz  remote transmitters 

The RDO 12 is what’s known as a two-piece operator. A control box is positioned on the wall and the motor unit is mounted in the end of the roller door assembly. It is the motor of choice due to its reliability, versatility and strength. Designed for minimal side room, the motor is covered with a 5 year warranty. The control box can be fitted away from the motor unit with the addition of an extension cable. • High torque, whisper quiet motor lifts up to 15m2 door • Includes 2 remote transmitters • Transmitters feature rolling codes for added security • Manual release - ‘one pull’ disengage and re-engage manual release cable to use in case of power failure • User friendly controls are reliable, safe and flexible.